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Adult, Literary

Chapbook - 60 pages

Release date: September 2021


Dandelion Ghosts

Each of these nine flash-fiction stories offers a little taste of magic coupled with meditation. Philosophical and inventive, in turn, Knox examines the human condition through modern myth, broaching topics such as generational divides and similarities, enchantments mistaken for madness, and anxiety induced from overactive imaginations. Short enough to consume in moments, each of tiny stories unfurls and unfolds, introducing us to new worlds in unexpected ways that will offer pause and perspective, perhaps even a brief reprieve."


In a seamless blend of the literary and the speculative, Jen Knox's short prose delivers sharp shards of love and truth. Knox captivates and transports her readers with lyrical constructions, achingly resonant lost souls, and the hopeful glimmer of an artistic life."


—Mary Lynn Reed & Lesley C. Weston, Editors, MoonPark Review

"In this collection of tautly woven stories, Jen Knox offers us surreal adult parables. The fantastical nudges up against Odd Lots, paying rent, and worrying about aging parents. Logic ricochets off into all kinds of boundless directions, pushing out our sense of the "ordinary" so we learn to expect anything in these stories: a young girl who discovers the backs of her knees spill out coins, an installation artist who talks to the muse in her plump belly. Each character stumbles through a tired, not always empathetic world, but her fears, anxieties and strange talents leave open the possibility for something a little bit better."

—Alexandra van de Kamp, author of Kiss/Hierarchy

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YA, 140 pages

Release date: March 2022

The Sentinel of the Chakra Stones

You never know when an ordinary teenager will blossom into something extraordinary.


Jaden is a fourteen-year-old girl abandoned by her mother, unwanted by her father, and tormented at school. She fills her alone time exploring the streets of her hometown of Nashua, New Hampshire. She discovers a flea market and is drawn to the table of a mysterious lady selling Tibetan singing bowls and crystals. The impulse purchase of a crystal chakra set reveals a mystical destiny.


Jaden and her only friend, Alister, are transported to Mount Shasta, California, which hides the Lemurian City of Telos. It is here, at the first Earth chakra location, where Jaden and Alister become part of a secret world of teenagers and esoteric beings working to protect the Earth chakra energies from the Keeper of Belial.


The first chakra stone is already under attack and losing its power, which jeopardizes the safety and security of the planet. Jaden must fight to restore balance to the world and find the inner strength to fulfill her role as The Sentinel of the Seven Stones.