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Chris Shanahan

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Chris Shanahan is an economist and artist who specializes in portraits, murals, infographics, data visualization, multimedia painting, typography (or *legal* graffiti), acrylic, oil, and illustrations for children's books as well as book cover design. He specializes in pet portraits.​ Chris's customized portraits range from amusing to realistic.

See Chris's artwork here.

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Barbori Garnet

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Barbori has been part of the Unleash Creatives team since spring 2021.


She is also a writer and the author of Home at the Office: Working Remotely as a Way of LifeBarbori's reading interests include a wide range of non-fiction and engaging fiction.

Check out her book here.


Jen Knox

Jen is an award-winning writer and teacher, a meditation instructor, and the founder of Unleash Creatives. Her books include After the Gazebo (Rain Mountain Press), Resolutions: A Family in Stories (Aux Media, audio link to the left), and The Glass City (Hollywood Books International, Prize Americana winner), and Dandelion Ghosts. Consider joining her for a Writing Tour in Italy this coming September.

Check out Jen's writing here.


Christine Boucher

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Christine Boucher is a writer, yoga instructor, wife, and mother of three who lives in New Hampshire. She first started creating fantasy worlds as a small child at her bedroom desk in Indiana. Christine is the author of Express Yourself! Joyful Journaling for Kids (Dover, 2020).

The Sentinel of the Chakra Stones (Unleash Press) is her first novel.

Check out her book here.


Rebecca Grubb

Rebecca Grubb is a freelance editor and writing coach for authors of fiction and creative non-fiction. She is a former high school language arts teacher and a mother of three who resides in Ohio.

Rebecca is the co-editor of Conversations (Unleash Press, 2022).

Check out her site here.

Unleash Creatives is an antiracist arts organization that believes in the power of diverse stories and diverse voices. The world needs your stories, and we will help you to best tell and share them. Our aim is to amplify and uplift your voice through arts and literary services.

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