Writing and editing services

Developmental editing: $8/double-spaced page.


Developmental edits are focused on story structure, style, pacing and tone.

writing coaching

1:1 weekly or monthly meetings, depending on your personal creative goals. 

Set up a coaching call here.

$175/session for new clients.

$150/session after first session.

book Packages

From Idea to Draft:

Coaching and feedback to get you from idea to draft over the course of 5 sessions.

From Draft to Proposal: Developmental editing services with coaching over 10 sessions. I will also support you in identifying publication opportunities.

From Idea to Book/Proposal:

For authors planning to self publish or traditionally publish, we take the entire journey, from idea to the day your book hits the shelf, or you are reaching out to agents/publishers. 

ghost writing

We will meet to develop a detailed outline and plan to bring your brilliant idea to a finalized draft. 

Business documents, training manuals, and other nonfiction materials only.


We do not offer ghostwriting services for fiction or poetry.


We create a customized cover that includes the cover image as well as the fully book layout, as needed.


We work with authors until the cover is approved.

Unleash Your Creativity

It's time to share your story.

Whether you want to write a short story or essay, publish a novel, or share your personal story, it's time.

I am a writing coach and creative accountability partner, here to ensure your creative vision becomes reality. All coaching services are based on your individual goals and experience. Together, we will determine a realistic timeline and set goals that make sense for you and your lifestyle. We will clarify ideas and silence the inner critic. We will get words to page.

My clients have written and published short story collections, novels, and nonfiction. They have won awards, secured residencies, completed legacy projects, and cultivated daily writing practices that have enabled them to find ongoing creative inspiration and drive. I am eager to hear about your vision. I work closely with a limited number of creatives each year so that I can craft customized, holistic services, so please let me know a little more about yourself and your goals.

New clients: Connect to sign up for a coaching session or workshop, click below, or reach out with any questions. We look forward to supporting your writing project.

xo  Jen